Apptoto is the Leading Company offering appointment reminders for your moving customers and more! 

Automate appointment reminders, scheduling, and client communication. Apptoto works with your existing calendar system: Google, Salesforce, Outlook, Office 365, SQL Databases, and Virtual Meeting tools like Zoom.

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Scheduling a meeting is half the battle; getting clients to show up on time and prepared is the other half. Apptoto Appointment Reminders help eliminate no-shows and late arrivals by 90%. Save time and money by sending fully customizable and interactive appointment reminders and confirmation requests via text, email, or voice call for your existing appointments. You’ll get real-time updates to your calendar and inbox plus daily reports as well.

Pricing starts at $29/month

HOW DOES IT WORK? Watch this quick overview.

Easily allow clients to book time with you or your team using Apptoto’s secure, online Booking Pages that can be set to your availability. Or, have clients add themselves directly to events on your calendar that may have multiple attendees (e.g., a webinar) using the Signup Page format. With our customizable Booking Pages, you will have full control over the look and feel of what your client sees, as well as how the appointment invite shows up in their calendar. Our Booking Pages work with your existing calendars whether cloud-based, like Google, or on-premises, like Exchange or SQL.

Bring your calendar to life! Apptoto is for more than just sending appointment reminders; it’s a full calendar messaging platform. Send automated messages to clients before and after appointments based on rules you set up to inform, follow up, or request something like a reschedule or payment. Easily blast messages to all your appointments on a particular day or date range to inform them of the last-minute change or ask them to reschedule if needed. And with 2-way communication to any contact from your Apptoto number or business landline, Apptoto can become your business texting service.

Address Book Campaigns

Apptoto Campaigns can be used to send targeted messages to keep your calendar full and your clients happy, and ultimately improve your business. Get your VIP clients to schedule their annual review or service appointment; request 5-star reviews from your clients; contact those new clients who still haven’t booked their initial consultation with you; send a personalized annual birthday or anniversary wish, or recover some of your no-show appointments all automatically.

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Sign Up HERE for a Free 14 day Trial from Borrink Consulting!

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